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Mizzou campusThe MU Art Education program is promoting studio explorations of the Afro-Cuban Artists highlighted at this conference. For the past year all elementary education and early childhood education students, as well as art education students, are investigating the cultural significance and power of these artists by creating, responding, and connecting to the essence of the universal ideas embedded in the artwork. Their work will be exhibited during the conference at the Mizzou North location. In addition, art education graduate students are developing museum education encounters that will elaborate, enhance, and extend the viewers experience of the exhibitions.

Columbia Independent School (CIS) will be watching documentaries and holding discussions on Cuban Art and Culture as well as organizing a performance or representation in the vein of the artists that have been discussed.  Planned visit by author/artist Nancy Morejón.

Poet, translator, essayist and scholar Nancy Morejón will be the Writer in Residence with the MU Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Missouri. She will lecture during the AFRO-CARIBBEAN ARTS SEMINAR PROGRAM for undergraduates and graduates. The course will also be cross-listed with Black Studies and English during Spring 2016.

DESCRIPTION: First of all, students will learn to make a difference about the academic frame, the meaning and history in the XX Century of the proposed terms: Afro, Caribbean and Arts in their search of modernity and its relation with self identity. We will focus on national perspectives not only about Africa, but about its main expression and importance: The AfroAmerican Basin, specially related to the Antilles, that is to say the Spanish, French and English ones. These three regions have created, through their mother tongues, a diverse body of literatures and arts whose echoes deal with very important continental countries beginning by those belonging to Central America as Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, among others, and involving also writers and artists coming from Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

There will be explanations of texts, fine and visual arts, films and popular music as the basis of this Seminar. Also we will draw a large scope of movements, schools, authors, and artists representative of the so-called Gulf Stream, comparing the different conceptions such as negrism, negritude, and Harlem Renaissance, among others.

Impressions and Identities: Responses to Afro-Cuban Artists in the Museum of Art and Archaeology
Over the past year, students at the University of Missouri and in the Columbia Public Schools have created artwork in anticipation of and in conjunction with the exhibition, “Afro-Cuban Artists: A Renaissance” currently on display in the Museum galleries on the second floor. The students’ work meaningfully connects to the exhibition in conceptual thinking, process, and materials.

Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School visited the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology. View a slide show of their visit.

CPS kindergarten teachers brainstormed with their students and they created images. The teacher selected some fo these images and enlarged them together on a canvas, which the students then painted and pasted shells and beads and puffy fibers to add dimension. It was then painted again to blend it all in. View a slide show of this work.

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