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Extension council members and other colleagues:

University of Missouri Extension invites you to attend the Council to Campus event June 17 and 18 on the University of Missouri campus. For the past ten years, this event has connected county council members with the research and program development of the University of Missouri’s flagship campus. This year’s Theme MU Extension: Opening more doors in a changing world, signifies the new opportunities we are taking advantage of to reach more Missourians.

This event is an opportunity for the University of Missouri, MU Extension and the county extension councils to forge new partnerships. We hope county and regional council members will take this opportunity to learn more about what we do and how we work to implement extension programs across the state.

We have worked to provide programs that ensure research conducted by our faculty and staff continues to address your community’s needs on a local level. At this year’s event, you will get a closer look at the research and programs conducted on campus.  Tours will be available of the MU Campus, MU Rec Center, and we will provide a virtual tour of the campus and reactor. These are a great chance to see and hear why MU and MU Extension stands above the rest.

Our luncheon speaker, Kyle Flinn, MU Extension’s Director of e-commerce initiative will share how over the next several years, MU Extension will guide the development of an e-commerce and e-learning website that will leverage the power of technology to connect people and information via the medium that they prefer, whenever they want it.

We will also have a presentation on rural to urban, and urban to rural programming, and how programming can help us all by increasing engagement of stakeholders and untapped partnerships.

Learn why that partnership must strengthen to meet demands in our next 100 years.

We will discuss a broad array of issues facing extension across the state, such as youth and adult partnerships, with youth commenting on the role they fill within county councils and the community.

Every day you see and hear about how we need to eat better. Changing our habits of eating starts at a young age and sometime we can get adults to make heathier choices.

On Saturday we will learn more and engage you in your role as an advocate for MU Extension locally, statewide and even nationally.

There will be an administrative update and a discussion of the goals and vision for MU Extension.

Time will also be set aside for pictures and to meet and network with council members from across the state. We will provide a press release so you can share news of the event with local media in your county.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Council to Campus event in June 17-18, to give you a closer look at MU Extension’s efforts to improve the lives of Missourians across the state. Electronic registration for this event is now available through this website or through a link from the MU Extension Councils page.


Tony DeLong
County Council Coordinator

Conference Committee

Tracy Feller Tony DeLong Valencia Broadus
Linda Runnebaum Paul Klossner Wayne Prewitt
Beverly Coberly Sheldon Toepeke Vern Windsor
Erica Lovercamp Debbi Haskamp  

For More Information Contact:

Erica Lovercamp at 573.882.9552 or toll-free 1.866.682.6663 or muconf1@missouri.edu

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