Political decisions impact every aspect of technology; however, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs are not always involved in the policy-making process. Engineering Connections between Politics and Science for the 21st Century is designed to be a forum where professionals, professors, and politicians can openly communicate about the interaction between their disciplines to create closer relationships and more productive ideas.

Students from all fields are also invited to observe the discussions and ask questions of the panelists. Keynote speeches and discussion panels will provide a forum for students to form connections between majors that are too often separated.

A dynamic group of participants and panelists will be on hand, including our keynote speakers: Rush Holt the current U.S. Representative New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District; Shawn Lawrence Otto the Co-founder and CEO of Science Debate 2008; and Christopher “Kit” Bond a U.S. Senator for Missouri from 1986 to 2010.

Join us for this free conference intended to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion resulting in more vibrant and influential research and outcomes for all fields involved.  Full conference registrants are required to register by March 5th to guarantee participation in this exciting event!

Panels to date include:


Please visit our permanent website at : http://politicsandscience.missouri.edu