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Registration Information

It is very important that you register early.

Registration is limited to 850 attendees. Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Submit your registration form and payment of $300 in one of the following ways:

  • Online ~ paid with credit card, debit card, or purchase order. Signed purchase order must be received in the MU Conference office within five working days or your registration will be cancelled.
  • Fax ~ paid with credit card, debit card, or purchase order to (573) 882-1953. Signed purchase order must accompany the registration form (above).
  • Mail ~ paid with check, credit card, debit card, or purchase order to 344 Hearnes Center, Columbia, MO 65211. Signed purchase order must accompany the registration form (above).

    Our fiscal commitment to the hotel is calculated by the number of registered attendees. Refund requests must be submitted in writing and received by 5:00 p.m. February 16, 2017. No refunds will be issued, for any reason, after the conference registration deadline of February 16, 2017. MU Conference Office Fax: 573-882-1953, Attention: Interface. NOTE: You are welcome to send a substitute.

    Questions about Registration
    Contact Debbi Haskamp at the MU Conference Office at (573) 882-4038 or e-mail:

    Participants are asked to complete this year's registration using the online form. Online registration is easier, faster, and provides up-to-date information regarding the availability of open sessions. Online registration is available by clicking the link above.

    The time allowed for registration is limited by local network systems. Please be prepared to make all selections and complete the entire registration process in one sitting.

    Have ready:
  1. Credit card number or Purchase Order number (A hard copy of the purchase order must be faxed within five days of completing the registration or registration will be cancelled.)
  2. First, second, and third choices of sessions.
  3. District mailing addresses and telephone numbers (for mailing of confirmation and for billing purposes, if different).
Cookies Must Be Enabled on Your Browser for You to Register On-line!

How to enable your cookies on your browser:

    • PC Users (Internet Explorer)
      Go to tools
      Click Internet Options
      Go to Temporary Internet Files
      Click on Settings
      Choose Automatic
    • Mac Users (Safari)
      Go Under Safari
      Click on Preferences
      Go to Security Tab
      Accept Cookies, click Always

To complete online registration:

    1. Click on "Online Registration" for either A or B (above)
    2. Complete Personal Information
    3. Click on your choice of session for each time slot.

      Sessions that are filled or cancelled do not show on the screen.

      If registering for conflicting sessions, a message will notify you of overlaps in the sessions and will require you to reselect your sessions for that particular time slot.

      Changes can be made by clicking on a different session or the "Clear" button in the left column.

      If no session is selected in a particular time slot, the program will assume that you do not intend to attend a session.
    4. When all selections have been made, click "Continue Registration".
    5. Confirm your fee.
    6. Complete auxillary information. You will need to complete all name tag information, meal selections, teaching assignment information, registrant information, and payment information. If paying with a purchase order, please enter the P.O. number and district phone number where prompted. (Remember to mail or fax the signed purchase order immediately or registration will be cancelled).
    7. Confirm selections by reviewing the verification page very carefully. If incorrect, click on "Edit Registration" and make corrections to your record.
    8. If correct, click on "Proceed to Payment".
    9. Complete payment information.

      Please be patient with the system as it processes the credit card information. Do NOT double click, click the back button, or re-register (multiple charges could result).