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The i-Three Issue Corps
Innovation in Action

In 2015, we created a new initiative—i-Three, standing for “Issues, Innovation, Impact.” Our charge was to scale up our work with our Fellows and Innovation Project awardees to engage many more Extension professionals in new opportunities to explore innovative tools and methodologies for use in their daily work. In fall 2015, eXtension created the i-Three Issue Corps and recruited applicants wanting to pursue innovative projects focused on climate or food systems—the first two issues selected for the i-Three Issue Corps. From the applicants, 127 i-Three Issue Corps members representing 72 individual and team projects have been selected to go through an innovation “boot camp” process. This process kicked off in January 2016 with initial project planning, and the entire Corps will gather in San Antonio to go through a collaborative, high-intensity workshop track that will expose them to new skills and project management methods to heighten the probability of their innovation projects’ success.

The i-Three Issue Corps Track

Colleagues, New Networking Opportunities, Fun

Plus there’s no better place to explore the past while envisioning future ventures than beautiful, entrepreneurial San Antonio—Deep in the Heart of Texas.  

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