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 Abstract Submission  

The University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR®) Center is hosting the TRTR 2017 Conference. This conference is a platform for information exchange among the research and test reactor community and brings together top representatives from government, universities, national laboratories and industry. Participants are invited to discuss recent developments at research reactor facilities, learn about design and construction of new facilities, and meet with NRC, DOE, IAEA and other officials as well as our many corporate sponsors. We invite abstract submittals from those willing to make presentations at this conference.

Technical areas include:

• Research and Test Reactor (RTR) Utilization
• Instrumentation and Control at RTR Facilities
• Operations and Maintenance of Reactor Facilities
• Facility and Reactor Modifications
• Handling and Use of Radioisotopes
• Reactor Safety
• Research Reactor Support and Planning
• LEU Fuel Conversion and Fuel Development

Submission Deadline is May 15, 2017.


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Provide sufficient detail in 400-600 words to allow uninformed readers to gain an overall grasp of the presentation subject and its relevance to the TRTR conference audience. The content of the Abstract will be the basis for evaluation against other submissions. Abstract quality—including clarity, completeness, and relevance to the research reactor community—will be the major factor in judging acceptability.

All abstracts accepted for the conference will be presented orally. Time available for presentation will be 15-20 minutes, including Q&A. Lead authors will be notified of acceptance, presentation requirements and actual time allotment by July 31, 2017. The Preliminary Program is available on the conference website.

PC equipment will be available at the conference.
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